Answering Atheism: Evil, Pain, and Suffering – Kyle Butt (Answering Atheism: Session 5)


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It has become increasingly popular in our secular culture to caustically criticize God, the Bible, and the Christian religion. Many best-selling books by high-profile atheistic writers are filled with accusations against God and alleged reasons why Christianity cannot be the true religion devised by a moral God. One reason commonly given by the skeptical community for its rejection of the Bible and Christianity is the existence of evil, pain, and suffering in our world today.

The modern atheistic community has initiated a ruthless attack against the God of the Bible. High profile atheists accuse God of being a brutal tyrant Who enforces His petty whims by acts of violence. These spokesmen for godlessness insist that the Bible writers condone immorality and approve of sexism and cruel human slavery. According to them, atheism offers a much better moral system than the Bible. Answering Atheism strips these groundless accusations of their misleading trappings, and lays bare the fact that God and His Word provide the only viable foundation upon which to build a moral system.